Gum Recession & Gum Disease

On this patient from Westwood, CA, lost gum due to gum disease and gum recession. Straighten your teeth without braces and have better color an new revitalized look. Before - Crooked lower teeth worn down from grinding. Food collects in the spaces between her teeth. Lower teeth appear old and worn. After - teeth appear aligned. Food doesn't stick and the new, more youthfl color is permanent. Her health and appearance have been revitalized. Treatment was completed within 3 weeks. She has a more healthy appearance. Unaltered and Untouched Photos by Dr. Sam Muslin, Santa Monica, CA.

Gum Recession and Gum Grafting

Before we could replace the porcelain crowns we had to tend to this patients gums. On the lower teeth, the gums have receded away form the enamel of her teeth. Additionally, the gum has been lost due to teeth erosion and gum recession. There are spaces between her teeth that trap food. Tooth erosion is a slow process that occurs from a bad bite, excess acidic food, bulimia, heavy tooth brushing, periodontal disease or gum disease and gum recession. On her upper teeth the gums also have receded away from the black lines on the porcelain crowns leaving big dark spaces between her teeth.

Before - Old decaying upper crowns with dark spaces that trap food. Crooked lower teeth with traumatic bite and root erosion. After - Ten upper and ten lower custom porcelain crowns. All porcelain crowns have no metal, no dark lines, newest porcelain technology that is the most natural looking porcelain to date. Unaltered and Untouched Photos by Dr. Sam Muslin, Santa Monica, CA

Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection of the gums that causes the slow and painless loss of bone. Bone between the teeth is lost due to bacterial enzyme activity. As the Jaw Bone is lost, the gums recede down the root of the tooth until the teeth start looking very long. This patient (from Westwood, California) wanted a much better look and the lower teeth were treated in just two visits. They were crooked, lost bone, lost gum due to gum disease and gum recession and were very yellow. Yellow teeth were completely revitalized with Procera crowns and there is no black line at the gums.

Instant Braces & Dental Porcelain Crowns

Dental porcelain crowns can make crooked or crowded teeth look perfectly straight, make yellow teeth permanently white and completely change the shape of the teeth so the gums will grow back naturally. Gum grafting is not necessary in many cases. If there is extensive bone loss from gum disease or periodontal disease, gum grafting may be necessary.

Gum Grafting

In this case, no gum grafting was necessary because the porcelain crowns were shaped to exact proportions. The shape of the crown, as it emerges from the gums, is critical in order to avoid a gum surgery and gum grafting. The gum can naturally grown back between the teeth if the conditions are right which eradicates gum recession. On her lower teeth the gums grew back so the porcelain crowns have a normal length and shape. On the upper teeth the gums also grew back between the teeth for a healthy looking smile.